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Winter Workshop Series

This December Psious will be hosting a series of Webinars in order to help with your Virtual Reality Therapy education. This online course will consist of two webinars based upon 'Hierarchy of Events' and providing patients with 'Homework'. Here at Psious we are committed to ensuring you're constantly educated about the platform and all it has to offer. 


Winter Workshop

The workshop will play host to two webinars, both based on different topics. The first will illustrate how to create a 'Hierarchy of Events' using three practical explanations consisting of: Agoraphobia (exposure hierarchy), OCD (exposure and response prevention), Anxiety Disorder (interoceptive exposure hierarchy). A webinar like this will help you to enhance the therapeutic progress and empower the patient. 

The second webinar will feature how to conduct pre-recorded sessions, enabling you to treat patients remotely, or use Psious without internet connection. This part of the workshop will also explain how to assign your patients homework and present how to repeat VR sessions at home. The webinar will demonstrate the importance of homework when it comes to your patients progress.


When & Where?

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The webinars will be online (you will receive a link closer to the time of the workshop). The first webinar will be held on Thursday 13th December at 5pm (+1GMT) e.g. 11am (EDT), the second on Thursday 20th December at the same time (5pm CET). Make sure you double check the time difference as we don't want you to miss out! 



The total cost for the mini-course is $70 (€60). However, the course is free for Platinum customers. If you're a Professional customer you receive a 40% discount and Basic clients have a 5% discount. If you're a Psious user the payment will be made automatically through the usual method the week before the course begins. If you aren't yet a Psious user a few days after your register you will receive a link to proceed with payment. 


Where do I sign up?

Clients register here

Non-Clients register here


Don't forget the deadline to sign up is 11th December!!