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Psious: On the Application of VR for Cognitive Disorder Treatments- New Postgraduate Course at the Miguel Hernández University

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A postgraduate course at the Miguel Hernández University will be offered June 11 and 18 for students interested in the application of Psious for the treatments of various mental disorders and other general applications of virtual reality technology in mental health disorders.

For two days psychologist, Joan Miquel Gelabert Mir, will be in charge of the course that will closely examine the different application of VR in mental health ailments and its effectiveness as a medical and research tool.

About Psious´ postgraduate course  

Students and professionals will be able to learn about the world of virtual reality from the basics such as it´s history, concepts and relevant terminology to the methods and recommendations on its usage for patience and research purposes. In fact, the student does not need to know anything about VR beforehand, Joan Miquel Gelabert will summarize the most important concepts and answer any questions. Likewise, the evolution of this new technology will be discussed and the empirical evidence available that proves its effectiveness in actually improving the cognitive abilities of patients.  

In addition, there will be debates and general recommendations on the therapeutic process. A
s well as the different intervention techniques and environments offered by Psious, as a leading RV platform, in the field of anxiety and phobia treatments. Furthermore, Joan Miquel Gelabert will discuss the diffrent psychologist professionals that will provide the treatment and information about what the patient must be informed of before starting the treatments. Not everything will be theory, there will also be simulations and practices on how each environment should be executed. 

As mentioned, the professional in charge of the postgraduate course is the psychologist and researcher Joan Miquel Gelabert Mir, chief scientific director of Psious and associate lecturer of the Illes Balears University, located in Palma on the island of Majorca, with years of experience in the research and practice of new technologies and there effective application in the world of mental health.

Tips and Recommendations for the use of VR Technology combating Mental Disorders.

During the course, suggestions and advice will be discussed so you can adopt the most effective use of our virtual reality therapy for both professionals and patients. In addition to intervention dynamics and analysis of practical cases, Joan Miquel Gelabert will explain the usefulness of Psious and the different scenarios of exposure through the VR, depending on the specific disorders. 

Are you intrigued by new technologies? Are you looking for ways to innovate your practice? Do you want to be further specialized in psychology? 

Now is the time to specialize in the new  technologies in the field of mental health research and practice!



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