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 Its summer and time to check that top destination off your bucket list! Don't let the fear of flying prevent you from all the amazing experiences and sights the world has to offer.      

              Deciding what eventure you want to go on           The world is your oyster, you can go and do anything you want.           

A lot of people suffer from an intense discomfort when getting on a plane and even the anticipation of flying, 30% of the population suffer from fear of flying or aerophobia. The phobia can also manifest itself in cognitive, physiological and motor levels. It is one of the most common phobias in modern society although the plane is one of the safest means of transportation that exist. Summer is just around the corner and there will surely be some pending (planned) trips, now is the time to overcome your fears and fly confidently.


There is no specific cause of aerophobia. Some studies suggest it might be genetically inherited, caused by increased exposure to media, video games, tv shows or movies that show plane crashes or accidents or because the patients were molded by their parents who suffer the phobia. However, it usually has to do with the loss of control people have over the situations and their safety. 

It has been demonstrated the effectiveness of the use of virtual reality as the only line of treatment for the phobia to fly in the short to long term (Botella et al, 2004). 

This intense fear interferes with people's lives and plans, the great news is that Psious has a solution free of pharmacological treatments. 

Psious´ treatment protocol is combined with traditional treatment techniques already used by psychologist such as psycho-education, relaxation exercises and cognitive behavior restructuring. Psious allows access to situations that would no be possible without the VR or without leaving the consultations. 

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10 Ways Psious Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Flying

1. More effective than in-vivo therapy: No need for patients to go through the entire pre and post departure process as well as buying a plane ticket before they are ready. 

2. Medication free!: Pharmacological treatment only relaxes the patient during the flight and does not allow them to develop coping mechanisms to overcome the fear. 

3. Psychologist has full control over parameters: Duration of session, weather conditions, light exposure, amount of people, seat position, turbulence, ect.

4. No imagination skills required: Treatments through virtual reality the patient does not require high imaginative abilities that are usually required by regular exposure therapy.

5. Personalized treatment: For some people there are specific moments in the flying process that causes their extreme fear of anxiety. Adapt the scene to the needs of each patient thanks to the variable setting and the control panel. You can pick specific scenes such as waiting in home for a taxi, waiting at the gate and takeoff and landing depending on the specific moment of phobia and circumstance. 

6. Repeat any step of the process at any time: The patient can practice the scene as much as they want and change certain aspects of the scene so he or she can get over the fear. 

7. Creates a more secure but equally as effective experience: If patient feels uncomfortable at any time it's as easy as taking of the goggles to bring them back to a safe place.

8. Accessibility: No one has time to go through the entire flying process every time they want to practice!

9. Patient Monitoring and Automatic Reports: You can save the detail of each session and monitor the patient's distress thanks to biofeedback sensors and observe their progress. 

10. Faster TreatmentSince the treatment is so effective and immersive, the abandonment rate decreases.

Diffrence scences that Psious virtual reality for fear of flying offers


Patient Experience's

Treated patient Marta on her first flight after overcoming her fear of flying using our VR platformMarta Font Felip 

Marta overcame her fear in 4 weeks! Marta only went to two therapy sessions and the rest of the time she worked with the virtual reality platform on her own while completing homework given by Psious.

"I am no longer afraid to fly! Thanks to Psious and their virtual reality therapy for the treatment of phobias."





Lee B. after overcoming her fear of flyingLee. B 

Traveled by plane after 15 years of being afraid! 

"I just got back from my first flight after more than 15 years and everything went great! Thanks to regular sessions using Psious VR guided by Dr. McLellarn, I went from a complete phobia to finally being able to fly. I trust that I can continue to manage my anxiety and be successful with more flights in the future. What a relief to be able to fly again!" 




Luke Johnson overcame his fear of flying using Psious VR platform

 Luke Johnson 

"During the entire cruise phase of the flight- the one that usually worried me the most-my heart rate remained around 70-80. Even when there was slight turbulence I did not worry. The virtual reality therapy had worked.  




Isabel was treated by Joan Miquel Gelabert, Scientific Director of Psious, in 8 sessions; 6 standard and 2 review (overlearning) of 30-40 minutes with 85-90% of the session including virtual reality.

"Before, when I arrived at the airport, my fear was such that I would watch people coming and going to make sure nothing happened. The most critical moment was always at takeoff, I began to tremble, it was difficult for me to breathe, and I was not even able to hold a conversation. But all that was left behind. 

"I learned how to control the symptoms of my anxiety and get use o the fact of traveling by plane."

Joan Miquel Gelabert, explains the patient is gradually exposed to the environment that she fears, "from minor to greater discomfort and only progressing when she has overcome one of the environments and when she is able to do it." Joan Miquel adds that "psychotherapy is a join process between patient and therapist in which the second guides the first, directing, orienting, encouraging."


Jose M.

Jose was also treated by Gelabert in a single 3.5 hour session (4hr with 15 min breaks every 45 mins)! 

"Since I finished the treatment, I have flown several time (Palama, Bilbao, Corsica, New York, San Francisco and Greece) and have been very happy during the flights because I have been able to relax and enjoy. On some I even think that I like flying now!" 


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